Landscape architecture

Design & outdoor living

The art of living outside

Prolong the warming months, enhance the value or your home and property while fully enjoying the complete exterior living room design. The art of outdoor living is rising everywhere and we understand the need. This is why we offer a professional service of planning, designing and outdoor architecture to literally bring your living room to the garden.
Anything you have in mind, we can make happen. Our specialist will begin by analyzing your budget, creating a design and plan while walking through each step with you to make your dream become a reality.

Creation of an exterior living space

Our knowledge of construction materials and outdoor spaces allow us to create high quality and resistant infrastructures. Here are some examples :
  • Patio and home extensions
  • Exterior living room with fireplace or patio heater
  • Exterior kitchen with BBQ (propane or coal)

MODUL-ART DESIGN Terrassement S. Leblanc also specializes in Outdoor living. Modul-art Design division makes custom garden furnishings and prestigious outdoor kitchens. Visit our website for more information !